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Kurt Heuer SAS has been operating in the leather industry since 1938. Sales agent and sole distributor for Italy of leading brands Fortuna (splitting and skiving machines) and PMF / WSK (stamping machines, automatic transfer and folding machines) and related original spare parts (blades, S and K bellknives for skiving machines, grinding wheels, rollers etc.), as well as supplying a complete range of tools for shoemakers, leather goods, upholstery, saddlery and diamond tools.

The success of the Fortuna and PMF brands in the market is a direct consequence of the superior quality, absolute reliability and long life of their products.

We would like to highlight that Fortuna Spezialmaschinen GmbH and PMF GmbH, unlike almost all their Western competitors, did not go to produce in Asia-China or in any case in the Eastern countries, thus always maintaining the quality of their products and of the used raw materials at the highest level.

The strength and solidity of the Fortuna and PMF machines, recognized all over the world, allow to obtain an absolute cutting and printing precision, not reachable by any other similar machinery existing on the world market.

High Quality

Made in Germany

Our Products

Here our range of machinery for processing leather, rubber, PVC, elastomers, felt and other materials. You can find our machines in the production plants of the most prestigious Italian and foreign brands of leather goods, footwear, clothing, automotive, nautical, bookbinding, furniture and in the rubber, packaging, recycling and medicine industries.

Manual, electronic and computerized INDUSTRY 4.0

Fortuna splitting machines

Leading machines for leather splitting and more

Printers, stamping machines, transfers and folding machines

PMF / WSK machines

Leading company in the field of printing, stamping and folding

Manual, electronic and computerized INDUSTRY 4.0

Fortuna skiving machines

Leading machines in manual and automatic skiving

Utensili diamantati

Diamond Tools

Accessories and diamond paste for polishing, lapping, grinding of metals and other materials

Fortuna and PMF

Original parts

Spare parts, blades,bellknives, emerywheels, rollers, feet, belts and everything you need

For Shoemakers, Upholsterers, Saddlery and Hardware

Various items

Staedtler + Uhl needles, hand tools, Osborne Tools


Sales & Consulting

Our qualified sellers will assist you at every step and for all your needs, from the choice of the most suitable machinery for your necessities, to the smallest details regarding the use of your new device.


Our Fortuna and PMF certified technicians will be at your disposal for any eventuality, our goal is to ensure that you are always operational and give you the peace of mind of a fast and reliable partner

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