Kurt Heuer s.a.s. FORTUNA – PMF

Kurt Heuer s.a.s. is a leading company since 1947 in the market of shoe factory machineries and leather goods machineries as logo fortuna GmbH splitting machines and skiving machines and
PMF GmbH / WSK stamping, transfer, printing and folding machines.

New comupterized Fortuna skiving machine with automatic calculation of the skiving angle, data transference and saving.

The technologic market leadership of company Fortuna is manifested with the presentation of the most modern skiving machine generation NG – Industry 4.0.

The top model NG 6 – Industry 4.0 was developed not least with and for our customers. The machine is very easy to operate and is characterized through optimized reproducible skiving results in connection with correct ergonomics.

Self-explanatory operation over touch screen with Windows surface and file management, possibility of remote maintenance, technical diagrams of the individual parts, and data transfer from network are the catchwords of our modern technology.

Convince yourself of this new milestone in the history of Fortuna.



Fortuna Italy

Machineries for shoe, footwear and leather industry


TEL +39 02 86451762  – FAX +39 02 867083

e-mail: info@kurtheuer.it